Stress Reduction Reminders

Stress Awareness Month - April, 2020

Stress is a growing epidemic for many people both on and off the job. Help to raise awareness with educational products and relief giveaways such as stress balls. Add your important message to help bring stress down at your organization and in your community.

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Stress Wellness Promotional Reminders

National Stress Awareness Month is an event that can help educate staff in a workplace or the community as a whole on the impact of stress on health and wellness. Each of us experiences a fair amount of stress from work, home and other external factors. By enlightening people on the overall effect of stress, it is easy to see how these stressors can quickly compound and create mood and health issues. Organizations can reach out to distribute educational materials that include techniques for reducing stress and stress management. Information on heart health as well as issues that target men and women specifically can be useful as well.

Stress relievers such as stress balls and spa kits can serve as fun giveaways during Stress Awareness Month events. Reinforcing education sessions on stress in the workplace as well as information tables in community centers, these stress busters can carry help lines and organization info on their custom imprints. These promotional products can help spread the stress awareness message long after the event.