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stuffed animals such as Teddy Bears are ideal gifts for hospitals to hand out to children patients. Also a touching gift for caring professionals like nurses.

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Personalized Stuffed Animals

Most of us have coveted the stuffed animal prize at the county fair. Of course after an incredible amount of tokens and failures, only a fraction of us have ever received the glorious gift. With promotional stuffed animals, a business or organization can give out a plush toy prize to their market, giving them the excitement of the county fair at the next promotional event. Whether supporting a trade show, awareness campaign or school pride event,personalized stuffed animals will be cherished for their cuddly qualities.

Schools can support participation in homecoming, Red Ribbon Week and other events by rewarding students with a stuffed animal gift. A stuffed animal in the shape of the school mascot or a popular shaped plush toy with a custom printed shirt can build pride in the school or theme of the event. Booster clubs can reward their supporters with a souvenir plush bear that proclaims that they are "Beary Appreciative” of their contributions to the school. Slogans and tie ins such as this will make a custom stuffed animal giveaway even more special to the recipient.

Personalized stuffed animals are not just for school events and students. Health care and awareness organizations can give out plush toys to their patients, volunteers and families. These fun items can soothe worried patients and their relatives, reward volunteers and participants in awareness activities or even be sold to raise funds at events or in hospital shops.