Promotional Puzzles & Novelty Toys

Classic toys like rubber bands, spring toys and puzzles give you a chance to deliver your logo to the homes of families in your community. Ideal for schools and municipal events for kids and their parents.

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Promotional Puzzles & Toys

Fond memories of childhood games and toys always elicit smiles. These smiles are what advertisers can expect when they use promotional puzzles, toys and games during their next event. It may seem frivolous to think that building a brand would be possible using toys, and novelties that seem more inclined to kids than adults, but the unique nature of promos such as puzzle key chains and other games.

Puzzles are a promotional item that can add a bit of fun to an event. Customizing a puzzle or a puzzle key chain with a picture or logo is a perfect way to create interest and curiosity. Picture to puzzle products allow advertisers to put a hidden message in a puzzle, giving it out disassembled so that recipients can uncover the message as they put it together.

Fun novelty toys are a unique way of grabbing the attention of trade show attendees. Different than the usual pens and candy giveaways at trade show booths, a custom silly putty egg or a Slinky type toy will attract those who pass by the table. These giveaways can also be used during pep rallies and other school events to create excitement and school pride. Custom printed with a mascot or cheer, these custom toy giveaways will raise the spirits of students and teachers alike.