Personalized Note Cubes & Note Pads

Promotional cube pads by Bic® and 3M® make handsome additions to any desk or office. Have your corporate logo, contact information, website or other promotional message displayed prominently with these custom designed note cubes.

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Custom Note Cubes

Sheet by sheet, it takes a long time to get through a promotional note cube. The convenience of a custom adhesive or non-adhesive note cube is its strength, providing hundreds of sheets for note taking, while keeping a custom message or logo visible. Personalized note cubes can deliver a custom imprint on all fours sides, maximizing the promotional value of the product.

Businesses can use note cubes as a stock item for their office, branding each desk in the process. Clients and prospects can be presented with a unified professional display as they sit across from a company representative. Employees will appreciate the convenient note pad, a way of jotting quick thoughts or taking messages while on the phone.

Promotional stationery is a popular ingredient for corporate gift baskets and customer appreciation gifts. Tying a bow around a pen placed on a custom note cube creates a unique gift that anyone will appreciate. Custom note cubes handed out during the holidays keep a company brand promoted long after the season passes, continuing to provide the convenient note sheets as well.