Promotional Clocks

Personalized clocks make a great vehicle to promote your logo or message as they are viewed, well, around the clock. Choose from digital clocks, wall clocks, desk clocks and other promotional clocks.
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Logo Wall Clock
Logo Wall Clock
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Custom Desk & Wall Clocks

Give the gift of time with promotional desk clocks. Custom printed desk clocks are a great way to put your imprint or logo in prime position, on the recipients desk. Whether you are delivering a marketing message, promoting a brand or giving out a gift of appreciation, your custom imprint will be noticed each time someone glances at the clock face. Promotional wall clocks can put the imprint front and center in an office or hallway, giving a brand or logo maximum exposure.

As a thank you gift, desk clocks can be used by banks and insurance companies to reward new clients or loyal customers. With a variety of functions that tie in to the desk clocks, such as pen cups or photo frames, recipients will find them useful as desk accessories as well as timepieces. Promotional clocks also carry a high perceived value, delivering a good impression.