2021 Promotional Calendars & Planners

Calendars provide a way to advertise your name, slogan and contact information every day of the year for a low cost. From colorful photo wall calendars and desktop calendars to pocket size diaries, there is a perfect sized gift to get your promotional message seen throughout the year.

Get Daily Visibility with Promotional Calendars & Personalized Planners

Promotional calendars ensure that every time someone turns to "save a date” or check their schedule, they will be exposed to a custom printed message. A promotional item with a year long life span, calendars and planners provide a great way to maximize the visibility of a custom imprint without a high cost. Budget friendly calendars serve as convenient tools for recipients, and often are sought out year after year, a rare circumstance where a promotional product is an anticipated gift.

Adding to the usefulness of a wall calendar, the creative designs of a calendar can serve to tailor it to a specific market or industry, further enhancing its effectiveness. From auto themed wall calendars for body shops and car dealers to pet calendars for animal lovers, the creative artwork displayed on a calendar can make them even more desirable to the people who receive them. This tie in to the market also ensures that they will have a better chance of hanging around throughout the year.

Custom planners are a bit more personal than wall or desk calendars. Personalized planners can serve to promote everything from an accounting firm to an awareness organization, becoming a useful tool for customers and supporters. Whether it is printed with reminders for tax return due dates or used for doctor appointment scheduling, these planners become a part of the recipients’ daily lives, always providing easy access to the contact information printed on the cover. Schools can find that academic year planners are great ways to reach out to parents and students with important numbers and contact information.