Guarantee & Refund Policy

We at Promos On-Time are proud of our service and proud of of the quality promotional products we offer. We use only the best suppliers and all of our sales and service representatives are trained in every aspect of the business. Of course, that does not mean everything works our way every time. It may be a factory issue with a machine, a broken down delivery truck or a plain old error. The rare problem is sometimes unavoidable.

If for any reason you feel that you did not get the best service or you are unhappy with the goods you ordered, contact us right away. If you are not satisfied with your purchase from PromosOnTime.Com we will replace the items or provide a full refund. We may ask for a photo of an item if it was damaged or check back conversations to find the exact cause of the problem, but we will inevitably come up with a remedy, or provide up to a full refund. Returned items are credited within 24 hours of receipt at our facility. Guarantee policy lasts for 30 days from delivery of your order.

Since we want our customers to have a satisfying experience, we send a virtual proof in most cases so you can see how your order will look before it is printed. And if you have the time, we suggest ordering a sample of the product you are considering to make sure it meets your requirements. With all of the precautions, the inevitable rare mistake or late delivery can still occur...and this is why we offer our 100% guarantee!