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Sticky notes are an integral part of any office. Convenient custom sticky pads get your logo or promotional message placed right next to important notes and reminders, increasing their visibility. Custom printed sticky notes are a low cost and effective way to promote your corporate brand.

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Promotional Sticky Adhesive Notes

Reminder notes, messages or flags in magazines or catalogs, sticky notes have become a common tool in the office and home. These note pads with their sticky edges provide an easy way to jot down an important thought and place it on any surface. Found in desk drawers, on conference tables and handed out at trade shows, these small note pads create an easy way to brainstorm and edit documents. Not just for the office, custom printed sticky note pads will get used at home as well.

In the office, documents that are works in progress can be edited by multiple parties and routed from person to person. Rather than marking up the original document, sticky notes can be used to highlight errors or communicate changes. Working best when brightly colored, these sticky notes will call attention to the critical edits on a document in the works.

Students and teachers can find value in the convenience of a sticky note pad. Imprinted with the school logo or a motivational slogan, they can be used to highlight notes, mark important pages in a book and to make comments on papers.