Custom Academic Planners

Pocket and desk sized planners with academic year calendars make great gift ideas for teachers, students, PTA members and families. Personalized diaries help recipients keep notes and important dates throughout the school year.
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Custom Academic School Year Planners

Planning events during a school year is a practice for teachers, students and parents alike. Keeping track of exams, holidays, athletic events and vacations can be made easier with a custom academic planner, making it a perfect giveaway for back to school activities. Each academic year planner runs from the second half of one year to the first half of the next, covering the entire school year. This eliminates the need to switch calendars during the new year. Schools can print their logo or mascot on the cover of the planner, inspiring pride while providing an organizing tool.

Technology has given us many tools. Teachers and students have access to computers, smart phones and even tablets in some cases. All of these offer calendar programs and scheduling tools. But the basic academic planner is the reliable and low cost way to ensure that every student and staff member has a way of planning and coordinating events and important dates throughout the year. These academic year planners provide space for noting class schedules, important dates and tests. There is a distinct difference between these paper and pen planners, their custom printed covers can reflect the school mascot or slogan, inspiring school spirit whenever they are used.

By distributing these planners at the beginning of the year, educators can use them to ensure that students take note of assignments. The concept of project planning can be taught as well, with teachers working with students to lay out benchmark dates through the course of the project life span. Weekly reviews of progress and schedule tweaking can build a foundation that students will take into their future.