Promotional Beach Towels & Mats

Custom imprinted towels and beach mats are great for the summertime. Your logo will get plenty of exposure under the sun and by everyone that passes by at the beach, pool, backyard party or park. Beach towels come in sizes to lay down on or wrap yourself in to dry off and warm up.

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Custom Beach Towels

Making a splash at a corporate or organization event is easy when you use personalized beach mats and towels to deliver your message. Custom imprinted beach towels are large and useful, providing absorbency at the beach, pool or bath, all while keeping your custom imprint in full view. A perfect choice for a company retreat or convention, recipients will appreciate the beach towels while they enjoy the sun and surf that usually accompanies the locations that host such events. Given out to attendees during their registration process, the perceived value of such a luxurious giveaway will impress staff and executives alike.

Another use for personalized beach towels in as a gift for students. Graduating seniors will look forward to a summer of fun in the sun with a beach towel that shows off their school mascot and graduating year. Under classmen can receive a custom towel as well, a reward for end of year activities and other school events. Kids beach towels can be given out to children attending camp as well, where they will get plenty of use during trips to the lake, pool or shore.

Companies can use embroidered beach towels to promote their brand during the summer season. Service industry businesses that deal with vacationers and tourists can add a special branding to their offerings. Hotels, motels and resorts can put forth a professional look on their pool decks and gyms. Imagine how much more impressive those popular towel sculptures that housekeeping staff create would be if the towels unravel to become a branded gift to the guest.