Promotional Mirrors

Custom printed mirrors are ideal giveaways for health care facilities, medical and dental offices, who really want their patients to smile. Personal mirrors are great handouts for awareness walks and runs and also attract visitors to info tables at health fairs and trade show booths.
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Custom Compact Logo Mirrors

For women, a purse or pocketbook is like a tool kit or survival pack. Containing the necessities for a day at the office or on the go. One of the critical ingredients is a compact mirror. This convenient reflective mirror can carry a promotional message or company logo to the pocketbook, making it a perfect advertising tool. Promotional mirrors can be used to reach women for a variety of purposes. In addition to advertising a product or brand, these custom compact mirrors can be used to support women’s health causes.

A promotional event such as a trade show is the perfect time to grab potential customers’ attention. Attendees often come from other locations to peruse the offerings of each booth, eyes and ears open for product and service information as well as custom giveaways. Reaching the female attendees with targeted promotions is easy with custom compact mirrors, advertisers can increase the chances that their message will make it to the pocketbook rather than the tote bag with the rest of the trade show giveaways.

Promotional mirrors are not just for advertising. Spreading awareness of a health issue or cause through a walk or run event, volunteers and participants can be rewarded with a custom mirror. Personalized with the logo of a sponsor or a ribbon logo that represents the awareness cause, the mirror will serve as a reminder of the importance of the event.