Promotional Sports Products & Customized Golf Giveaways

Reach the athlete by handing out fun sports and golf related gifts and giveaways that are ideal to promote exercise and an active lifestyle while showing off your good name in the community. Choose from logo golf balls, fishing and sporting gear and light gym items that will bring joy and a sweat to recipients.

Customized Sporting Goods & Gold Giveaways

Promotional messages need visibility in order to be effective, getting mileage from use. A great way to get this visibility is by making use of custom printed promotional sports items. Outdoor and active lifestyle promotions such as beach balls, pedometers, Frisbees and others will not only be appreciated by recipients for their use, but they will expand awareness of the brand or message printed on them. Fun activities during the spring and summer will be promotional opportunities with custom sports items.

Getting a health and wellness message across to attendees of a health fair or community awareness event is as easy as distributing a promotional exercise item. Custom printed pedometers, personalized jump ropes and exercise bands are giveaways that will inspire recipients to get active. Paired with a health initiative such as heart health, good nutrition or a cause such as breast cancer awareness, these exercise giveaways will carry reminder slogans to go along with educational materials.

As business promotions, fun items such as personalized beach balls and promotional Frisbees can be used to support a spring or summer marketing or event campaign. Targeting prospects who lead an active lifestyle, whether weekend warriors or vacationing college students, these sports giveaways will inspire activity and brand awareness.