Custom Stress Balls

We cannot stress how much many smiles promotional stress balls and customized stress relievers will bring to recipients on your client or staff list. Promotional stress balls with your logo or message make great gifts that provide a fun means to relieve tension. Choose from hundreds of different shapes, themes and colors.

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Promotional Stress Balls & Custom Stress Relievers

Part fun, part therapy and all promotion, custom stress balls make a great gift of giveaway to deliver a message. These foam balls are used by therapists to improve circulation and dexterity to rehabilitating patients and by advertisers to promote a message or logo with their creative shapes and designs. The therapeutic nature of the stress balls also finds value for office workers who squeeze them, relieving some of the stress of the day. Foam can be designed in unique shapes, allowing for businesses and organizations to find a stress ball that will work with ad campaigns or commission custom shapes to fit.

As a straightforward promotional tool, personalized stress balls in the shape of awareness ribbons, hearts, dollar signs and other stock designs can be used to promote businesses at trade shows and conventions. Safety events and fairs become less tense and more productive when imprinted stress ball shapes are implemented as a handout to promote various themes and lessons. Lightweight stress balls are eye catching since the resemble toys, but they are quickly appreciated for their stress relieving qualities once they are picked up. Drawing traffic to a trade show booth or health fair display, these giveaways will deliver custom contact information or a logo in a product that will find its way back to a home or office. Tucked away in a drawer or positioned on a desktop, the stress ball will continue to promote its imprint as it is grabbed and squeezed throughout the work day.

One of the attractive qualities of custom stress balls is their fun nature. Quickly tossed from office to office, drawn on, collected and juggled, stress relievers provide relaxation in more ways than just squeezing. Office staff can be given funny stress balls with creative slogan tie ins during recognition weeks or as gifts during stressful busy seasons. These promotional stress balls will act as comic relief for hard working teachers, customer service reps, nurses and other staff members. They will live on and continue to deliver their message of appreciation as they are used as stress balls.