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Reach out to new parents and their families with personalized gifts and promos exclusively for newborn babies and toddlers. From pacifiers to sip cups, we have a wide selection of new mom and baby ideas.

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New Moms Babies Promotional Products

The experience of becoming a new mom is wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time. Providing a good foundation with baby supplies and educational materials for new moms is critical beginning in the hospital. Hospitals and baby product suppliers can provide promotional items such as bottles, sippy cups, bibs and diaper bags, displaying their logo while helping out new moms. Educational guides for the new mother can be added, imprinted with help lines and contact information in case of emergency.

The impact of an infant on the lives of parents is universal. From low-income mothers in need to wealthy moms who have all the support required, the health and safety of a newborn child is a delicate situation. All mothers need guidance on proper care of their children, with the intention of preventing shaken baby syndrome, SIDs and other tragedies. By handing out educational materials as well as reminder baby products, advertisers can do their part of reinforcing the infant safety message