Promotional Lunch Bags & Coolers

Brown bagging a meal to work or school is economical and convenient. But, let's face it, brown bags are ugly, flimsy and bad for the environment. Promos On-Time offers a wide choice of colorful and rugged coolers and lunch bags that feature your personalized logo and message for endless promotion and motivation.

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Customized Lunch Bags & Cooler Bags

Employees and clients take their lunch, coffee breaks and personal time picnics very seriously. Why not give them a serious quality custom cooler as a token of appreciation. Personalized coolers and lunch boxes make great recognition gifts to staff members or for marketing with clients. Budget friendly and easy to ship or package, promotional lunch bags fold flat and are lightweight, making them perfect to giveaway at a trade show or as a convention welcome gift. Organizations that support causes can use them as thank you gifts for awareness event sponsors, custom printing the organization logo and mission on each bag.

Larger insulated coolers prominently feature your logo or a motivational message to be seen every day at tailgate parties, beach outings and picnics. You can rest assured your imprint will not only be seen and recognized by recipients or clients, but everyone they dine or break with. Staff members will appreciate the gift of a lunch bag everyday they bring their lunch or snack to work. The insulated construction of the cooler bag can keep cold foods cool or hot foods warm on the way from home, through the commute and straight on to lunch break.

These convenient bags are not just for lunch. Custom lunch bags can be used for a quick snack or full meal on the beach or at the park, or even as a safe way to carry baby formula. Custom insulated lunch bags and cooler tote bags come in a wide choice of colors, shapes and sizes. Many come with extra pockets, bottle holders, additional compartments and unique insulation materials. Some come with 24 can capacities and others come on rolling wheels. And like most of our promotional bags, you can choose economical non-woven bags or for a little more, choose durable nylon and Polyester models. And if you want to make a double impact, add one of our personalized meal containers that help recipients keep food or meals fresh and organized.