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Personal safety begins with education. Reinforce that education with promotional giveaways such as whistles and flashlight key chains. These personal safety items will carry emergency information and provide peace of mind to those who receive and carry them.

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Customized Pesonal Safety Items

Keeping safe off the job is as important as staying safe on the job. Beyond the workplace, personal safety is a topic that should be stressed in the office as well as the community. Education on risk response, the importance of visibility and how to avoid personal violations can be delivered by safety officers, classroom visits from police and fire departments as well as community organizations. Reinforcing the message of personal safety can be accomplished by distributing practical and relevant custom safety products.

Visibility is a concern both in warehouse and factory situations as well as in employees’ personal lives. High visibility, reflective items such as safety vests, hats may be required equipment on the job, but their use in other situations may prevent injuries as well. Jogging, bicycling and other activities that may be undertaken at dawn, dusk or in the evening can become hazardous if the participant is not visible to oncoming traffic. A safety vest, reflective hat or flashing button can help make the sport enthusiast safe during their activities.

The hazards that face communities on a daily basis are unfortunately growing. From the longstanding robbery and assault to the recently commonplace identity theft, people must be prepared for the unexpected. By creating awareness of how to identify risk and how to respond to it, we can reduce the impact of these heinous violations. Promotional products such as personalized safety whistles, safety education cards and first aid & CPR kits can help raise awareness as well as provide the tools to react to crisis situations. Personal safety items can be made available through fire and police departments, hospitals and healthcare institutions as well as schools and community organizations.