• Wood Backscratcher With Roller

Wood Backscratcher With Roller

ITEM: TR0481
Ease Hard-to-Reach Itches and Relax with this Stylish Wooden Tool
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Specially designed to alleviate itching and tension, this personalized tool is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas. The customized wooden backscratcher is not only functional but also stylish, making it a fantastic addition to your relaxation routine.

The unique selling point of our product is the imprinted roller ball at the opposite end of the scratcher, which offers gentle yet effective massage for sore muscles and knots. As an added bonus, your custom design will be prominently displayed above the roller, ensuring that your brand remains top of mind every time the backscratcher is used.

So why wait? Treat yourself or your clients to the soothing benefits of our Wood Backscratcher with Roller, and enjoy the satisfaction of a well-deserved scratch or massage at the end of a long day. This versatile and practical gift is sure to leave a lasting impression, making it a must-have for any promotional campaign.
Product Details
Imprint Area2-1/2"w x 3/4"h
Imprint Colors1
Production Time5 Business Days
Imprint MethodScreen printed
Min Required Qty150

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Wood Backscratcher With Roller Q&A

What is the unique selling point of the backscratcher?
The imprinted roller ball for gentle massages.
Can I customize the design on the backscratcher?
Yes, your custom design will be displayed above the roller.
What is the main purpose of this backscratcher?
To alleviate itching and provide muscle tension relief.
Is the roller ball suitable for easing muscle knots?
Yes, the roller ball offers gentle massages for muscle knots.
Can this backscratcher be used as a promotional gift?
Yes, it is a versatile and practical option for promotional campaigns.
Are there any added benefits besides scratching and massaging?
Yes, your custom design will also promote your brand.
What type of wood is used for the backscratcher?
The backscratcher is made of high-quality, durable wood.
How does the roller ball provide massages?
The roller ball offers gentle yet effective massages for sore muscles.
Is this backscratcher suitable for use at the end of a long day?
Yes, it provides soothing benefits and relaxation after a long day.
Can I incorporate this tool into my spa or beauty routine?
Absolutely! It's a great addition to any spa and beauty routine.

Custom Wood Backscratcher with Roller: Relaxation and Brand Promotion Combined

Experience instant relief from those pesky itches in hard-to-reach areas with this personalized wooden backscratcher with roller. Not only does it alleviate itching, but the roller ball at the end also offers gentle massages to ease muscle tension and knots. This stylish and functional tool is the perfect addition to your relaxation routine.

Promote your brand while providing soothing benefits with this customizable wood backscratcher with roller. Your unique design will be showcased prominently above the roller, ensuring awareness every time it's used. A versatile and practical gift for your clients, making it essential for any promotional campaign.

Indulge in the satisfaction of a well-deserved scratch and massage at the end of a long day. This wood backscratcher with roller is specially designed for relaxation and easing tension. Incorporate this must-have tool into your spa and beauty routines and enjoy lasting impressions from the tasteful design.

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