Health & Safety Promotional Products

Choose from a wide array of practical or educational health and safety products from sun tan lotion and first aid kits to slide charts and children's teaching coloring books.

Health & Safety Promotional Giveaways

Health, wellness and safety are big topics for businesses, organizations and healthcare groups. The state of health care and our overall wellness as a country makes it all the more important that individuals take care of themselves, bettering their lifestyles with the intention of preventing disease and health issues. Topics ranging from good nutrition, fitness, smoking cessation to breast cancer awareness and cancer prevention can be brought to the community through outreach programs and educational materials. Promotional health products such as slide guides, pocket guide and reminders can enhance health fairs and other events.

Awareness events can support fund raising and research for diseases and health conditions. Not only do they provide a foundation for monetary support, they provide a venue to educate and inform. Participants and support staff at awareness events such as walks, runs and rallies can pick up educational materials in addition to the custom printed reminders that serve to remind and create awareness.

Promotional products don’t just educate and remind, they can serve to protect and prevent as well. Promotional safety giveaways such as sun block and lip balm can help recipients stay safe in the sun. Custom printed pill boxes and pill cutters can help patients properly dose medication and can carry important contact information custom printed on them.