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Make your next promotional event memorable, and budget friendly with low cost promotional pens. Economy pens don't mean cheap pens, and the choices presented are powerful. From brand names like Bic to generic economy style pens, these writing instruments will carry a logo or message in style.

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Economy Personalized Pens

Fitting a budget can be a challenge. Stocking up on promotional pens for a trade show or marketing event can include large quantities. The key is to find an inexpensive personalized pen that will carry the same quality and effectiveness as more expensive versions. Thanks to advances in pen technology, low cost promotional pens offer the same durability and long lasting use as more expensive variations, making them perfect to promote on a budget.

Custom printing a promotional message on a budget pen maximizes the value of the giveaway. Whether itís the name of a restaurant or bar on a pen used to sign credit card slips, or a bank handing out pens as a convenience to their customers, these writing instruments continue to promote the logo or brand as they are passed from hand to hand.

Fundraising events for school teams and awareness organizations can also find value in low cost promotional pens. Garnering the best return on a sale, booster clubs and awareness organizations can custom print their logos and messages on these pens, selling them at events and in school stores.