Custom Plastic Key Tags

Custom plastic key tags and budget friendly key chains are a classic way to promote your company or service. Put your imprint where it will be seen on a daily basis, on recipients' sets of keys. Available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, there is sure to be a promotional plastic key tag to fit your advertising theme and budget.

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Promotional Economy Key Tags

Advertisers are always looking for a budget friendly way to promote a product, service or event. Custom printed plastic key tags are a low cost way to get a promotional message into the hands of customers and prospective clients and have it stay there. Key tags often get immediately affixed to a key chain, delivering their custom imprint over and over again each time the keys are picked up and used. Plastic key tags offer the benefit of being flexible in structure and design, opening up the possibilities of custom shapes and enhanced personalization.

The applications for budget friendly plastic keytags are numerous. For businesses, especially those dealing with autos, real estate and others that incorporate keys, the use of a promotional key tag is the perfect fit. With shapes such as cars, trucks and houses, these plastic keytags can be handed out as promotions or as gifts to clients.

Schools can find a plastic keytag that will fit their mascot. Whether an actual key tag in the shape of the mascot, or a standard shaped keytag that will carry the image of the school, they can be given out to students during events. Number one keytags will reflect the school pride as they proclaim the fact that the school is the tops in the hearts of the community.