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Put your logo to work with a personalized gift that will be appreciated every time weather turns inclement. Promotional umbrellas get your logo seen by many while providing goodwill and piece of mind for recipients on a rainy day.

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Promotional Umbrellas with Your Logo

According to World Weather and Climate Information, it rains from 80 to over 120 days per year depending on the location. That's a lot of opportunity for marketing your theme or message.Hand out customized umbrellas and provide the gift of cover from the rain for employees and customers. Few items will be more appreciated during inclement weather than umbrellas. And your logo will appreciate the added exposure to more than the elements when it is seen by passersby on commutes to work, school or on the golf course or an outdoor sporting event. When the sky turns gray or the first crack of thunder can be heard, guess who recipients will think of as they go outside with their personalized umbrella gift
Custom printed umbrellas come in a wide choice of sizes and colors and patterns. There are hundreds of choices of construction including automatic, semi-automatic, large canopy cover and handy fold-away umbrellas. Logo umbrellas are also available with plastic or wood shafts and reinforced frames for the roughest weather. Your logo or message, printed on at least one of the umbrella panels, will bring your company, organization or school plenty of notice.

Hand out custom umbrellas as employee recognition gifts, rewards for volunteers at charity events, or for fund raisers, walkathons, marathons and other races. And what better way to thank a good customer or potential client when you have a sales call or meeting. Let Promos On-Time provide your company or organization with a personalized umbrella that will leave recipients dry and thankful.