Laser Engraved Metal Pens

Give your next promotional pen that executive look with custom laser engraved logos and messages. Laser engraved pens project a perception of luxury to the recipient, increasing the likelihood that they will hold onto your promotional gift. Put your logo in their hands with these executive style pens.

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Custom Engraved Metal Pens

Personalizing a pen with laser engraving creates an impressive promotional item. These laser engraved pens can be used to commemorate a benchmark achievement, reward a recent graduate or promote a brand. Heavy weight metal pens, laser engraved with a message or logo will impress the recipient each time they use it. The executive styling and high end look make each pen seem expensive, when in reality, they are quite cost effective.

Corporate events can be stepped up with laser engraved pens. Rather than laying down a common plastic promotional pen at each board room or meeting seat, a laser engraved pen can be provided, resulting in an instant impression to each attendee. The pens will be held onto long after the event, providing visibility for the custom message each time they are used.

Holiday gift giving is usually a fairly routine event. Customers and coworkers receive cards and gift baskets to show appreciation for their business. Standing out from these other gifts is easy with laser engraved pens. Giving what is perceived as a luxury item, will leave a positive impression on the recipient by the gift giver. The pen will live on throughout the year, being used for note taking and signing documents.