Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are perfect giveaways for trade shows, corporate meetings, or schools where id badges or credentials need to be kept close at hand. Promotional lanyards are also useful for carrying keys and whistles, making them favorites of coaches, referees and teachers.
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Promotional Lanyards

A popular item for coaches, students and nurses, custom lanyards have become a standard product for keeping identification cards and keys handy. Strong woven lanyards securely drape these critical accessories around necks, keeping them accessible for easy use. Available with a selection of clasps to accommodate a range of items, they also feature optional breakaway designs for the safety of hospital and healthcare staff.

Trade show attendees can also make use of custom lanyards. Receiving lanyards during registration, they can keep their ID badges on the ready for display during entry into the convention hall floor. Networking is even easier when an ID badge can be scanned by booth attendants without difficulty, affixed to the end of a custom lanyard. The step and repeat imprint of the sponsor company will get plenty of exposure as the lanyard is used to present the badge at the booths.

School spirit can always be present when students keep their ID badges and keys hanging around on lanyards. A lanyard featuring the school colors and mascot can welcome students back to school, providing a spirit item to hand around all year long.