Promotional Manicure Sets

As a giveaway at an awareness event or health fair, promotional manicure sets make a great idea to convey a message or promote a corporate logo. Custom printed manicure sets and travel kits are available in a variety of different price points, making them perfect gifts for employees or favors for bridal parties and showers.

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Customized Manicure Kits

A little pampering never hurt. And when the pampering comes from a custom printed promotional manicure set, it comes complete with a message. Advertisers can give their intended market the tools for a professional manicure all in a promotional manicure set. Perfect as a trade show giveaway, awareness tool or even an employee gift, these budget friendly personalized manicure sets can be used on the go or as a personal care item at home.

Containing a nail clipper, file and other tools to trim and refine nails, hands and feet, manicure sets can be valuable tools for travelers and vacationers. These promotional giveaways are usually targeted towards women, but there are male and unisex manicure sets available as well.

Popular giveaways for awareness events, manicure sets come in a variety or colors and price points, making it easy to fit a product with a cause. Pink manicure sets make excellent gifts for volunteers and participants of Breast Cancer Awareness events, providing appreciation as well as a reminder tool for the importance of mammograms and early detection.