Custom Paper & Plastic Bags

Custom printed plastic bags are ideal for trade shows, conventions, seminars, retail and events like Halloween. Imprinted paper bags are perfect promotions for bake sales, charity events or stores and restaurants. Also great for distributing information and giveaways at awareness walks and runs. Large imprint areas and budget friendly prices make promotional paper and plastic bags powerful advertising tools.
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Promotional Paper & Plastic Bags

Low cost custom bags can be used in many different promotional applications. From promoting a retail store to accommodating welcome packages for trade shows and other events, lightweight bags can be imprinted with a logo, slogan or other marketing imprint.

Promotional bags can be used by police and fire departments to distribute safety information and educational materials to students during classroom visits. After the presentation, the plastic or paper bags can double as Halloween bags or trash bags. With a variety of messages available, organizations can deliver lessons on how to say no to drugs, fire safety, call 911 for emergency or a custom message.

Health care organizations and private medical and dental offices can utilize custom printed plastic bags to distribute information and other promotional items to offices. Especially popular with dentists, patients can receive a custom printed plastic bag, complete with toothbrush, dental floss, educational materials on dental care as well as checkup reminder cards and other information. For hospital patients, plastic bags make for an easy way to carry discharge papers and information as well as any personal effects a patient may have.