• Think Safety Chocolate Bars

Think Safety Chocolate Bars

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Celebrate National Safety Month with Delicious Treats
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These mouthwatering candies are specifically designed to ensure the safety message is ingrained in every employee's mind while they indulge in the rich, creamy goodness of the chocolate.

Celebrate National Safety Month this June by giving away these unique and delicious chocolate bars, guaranteed to make an impact. Each bar is meticulously engraved with the all-important 'Think Safety' message, ensuring that every bite taken reinforces the significance of workplace safety.

But that's not all. These delightful treats come wrapped in a matching color wrapper, adding an extra layer of visual appeal and effectively driving home the safety reminder. With such an enticing blend of taste and purpose, these chocolate bars are the ideal safety fair incentive, promoting awareness without being dull or boring.

Why limit yourself to conventional methods of spreading safety awareness? Distribute these scrumptious Think Safety Chocolate Bars at factories, stores, offices, and schools, and watch as employees savor the message – both literally and figuratively.

Choose Think Safety Chocolate Bars for a memorable and effective safety incentive that will have everyone eager to participate in creating a secure and protected work environment. It's time to prioritize safety, one delicious bite at a time.
  • Sold in increments of 50
  • Rich quality Belgian milk chocolate
  • Exclusive full color wrapper with matching engraved candy
  • Please choose 3, 2 or 1 day shipping service between April and September
Product Details
Size2" x 5", 1.2 oz.
FlavorsMilk chocolate
Production Time5 Business Days

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Think Safety Chocolate Bars Q&A

What makes Think Safety Chocolate Bars unique?
They are engraved with a safety message and come with a matching color wrapper.
When is National Safety Month?
National Safety Month is celebrated in June.
Where can these chocolate bars be distributed?
They can be distributed at factories, stores, offices, and schools.
What is the purpose of these chocolate bars?
To promote safety awareness in a delicious and memorable way.
How are the chocolate bars engraved?
They are meticulously engraved with the 'Think Safety' message.
What type of chocolate is used in the bars?
Rich quality Belgian milk chocolate.
What is the wrapper design?
Exclusive full color wrapper with matching engraved candy.
How are the chocolate bars sold?
They are sold in increments of 50.
What is the shipping recommendation between April and September?
Choose 3, 2 or 1 day shipping service.
What type of work environments can benefit from these bars?
A diverse range of environments, including factories, offices, and schools can benefit from these bars.

Delicious Think Safety Chocolate Bars for Workplace Awareness

Experience the delightful fusion of rich, creamy chocolate and essential safety reminders with Think Safety Chocolate Bars. Indulge in mouthwatering candies meticulously engraved with an all-important message, making each bite even more meaningful.

Boost safety awareness during National Safety Month by distributing these unique chocolate bars as incentives at factories, offices, and schools. Watch as employees savor both the delicious taste and the vital message engraved in every piece.

Wrapped in a matching color wrapper, these chocolate bars not only entice the taste buds but also drive home the importance of a secure work environment. With every delightful bite, the significance of workplace safety is reinforced.

Ditch dull and boring safety incentives and opt for a memorable and effective method of spreading safety awareness. Prioritize safety one delicious bite at a time with Think Safety Chocolate Bars.

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