Trade Shows Are Vital To Business Growth

Trade shows are extremely important for businesses, especially small and growing ones. Conventions and conferences allow businesses to get their name out to thousands of consumers or affiliates. They offer the opportunity to meet potential customers face-to-face and introduce your products and/or services. They also give your the chance to meet or touch base, face-to-face, with valued existing clients.

For most companies, the lack of viable new prospects would mean the end of all their hard work and trade shows are one of the best places to ensure there are plenty of new clients to meet and greet. Here, they have a captive audience that is there because they want to find new ideas or vendors.

If you have ever attended or exhibited to even one trade show, you know they are narrowed down to one main exhibition type. For example, there are technology shows, gun and knife shows, travel shows and others. Even our industry, promotional products, has multiple shows throughout the year. You can find a convention to fit your business needs where the visitors are looking for what you are offering. Those attending the show are already there because they are interested in your industry, therefore these shows many for easy sales.

Finding a show, traveling to a destination and setting up a display booth are the first part of trade show success. You want your exhibit to stand out amongst the many, so a good design with signs, samples and literature are vital. Make sure to have business cards available and also have a scanner to scan visitors badges so you can follow up with them after the show. And take an extra step by having a fun or interesting giveaway to attract eyes and feet to your space. Whether it is a magnet, a beach ball, a tote bag or simple wrapped candy, handing out giveaways with your name or logo is vital to increasing visitor flow.

Here are a few tips to ensure your trade show experience goes as positive and productive as possible:

Be sure to take time to go to a few shows before your first one.
Attending other conventions will give you an idea of what to expect. If you go into it blind, your outcome many not be all it could be.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion!
Promotional products are also a great way to let people know about your upcoming shows as well as during the show to hand out. When visitors use or look at your giveaways, they will be reminded of your products and/or services they are in need of. Try to pick customizable items that relate to your industry. For example, if you are in technology, look to having items such as flash drives, Smartphone and iPhone accessories, or even mouse pads.

Be certain you capture names, phone numbers, and email addresses. This may seem like a given, but many newbies overlook this task. You can do this with a drawing offering your products or services for free to the winner. Visitors to your booth will gladly fill out entry slips with their contact info. These names, numbers, and emails will come in handy to send out company sales information to keep your business fresh in their minds after the show.

Never forget about your leads. If you put in the work to make your show experience productive, you will want to be certain you follow-up with each and every lead you get. This is because the one person you neglect to call could be your next loyal customer.

Aside from gaining more customers, trade shows are equally important for networking purposes as well. Since you will have your booth in a show that is geared for your industry, you will naturally be attending it with valuable business contacts. His means you will have the chance to network with future vendors and suppliers. Getting the best deals possible will assist in lowering your bottom line. In addition, you will have the chance to peer into how well your competition is doing. This can be important in planning your businessís strategy for sales and such.

So, to recap, be sure to attend the shows that will benefit your business, follow the helpful tips given, and be sure to give your booth visitors something to remember you by with promotional products printed with your companyís information. This will all ensure your experience will be a positive and successful one.

More Tips To Help Have an Excellent Trade Show or Convention:

  • Always have a person at your booth (you never know which big lead can get away)
  • Smile! A happy face will make attendees want to say hi and visit
  • If available, lay out catalogs, literature or a business card or magnet as a take home so they will remember to contact you
  • Make sure to capure the name, phone number and email address of everyone who visits your exhibit
  • And most important - follow up immediately with clients and prospects when you return from your show