Tools For Career Fairs & Job Recruitment

Job recruitment is a growing field as companies and organizations need to find the best talent to fill jobs and career positions in their organizations. Promos On-Time offers a wide array of job fair recruiting tools and career fair giveaways to help you attract and hire the best candidates and welcome them to your organization for a lasting work relationship.

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Employee Recruiting Tools & Career Fair Giveaways

Hiring talented individuals to fill the needs of your organization is serious business and we are here to help you attract and keep the best new employees. Choose from pre-designed gifts to find, land and retain staff members for your company.

We offer a wide selection of fair items to draw folks to your exhibit, be it an on-site jobs fair or a college career fair. Choose from table covers, banners and decorative items like balloons. Add custom mints or lollipops to help attract overwhelmed and hurried participants to your booth.

Once you have landed people and had the chance to talk with them, hand them a small token of appreciation like a candy kit, pen, bottle or magnet so they will remember you and choose to pursue a career with your company or organization. There are plenty of themes to lure those in the service industry, accounting, health care or education. And for most items, you can print your name, logo and a short message to leave a lasting impression.

One you successfully screen, interview and make a job offer to your candidates and they agree to join you, then make sure to hand out welcome gifts that will let them know that you look forward to a happy and fulfilling employment for them for years to come. Call our specially trained sales associates today to help you with your list of recruitment and job fair promotions needs.