Awareness Walks, Marathons & Bicycle Event Giveaways

If you are the event coordinator for a marathon, walking event or bicycle tour, one of the biggest jobs is choosing customized giveaways or swag to give to participants as well as the possible hundreds of volunteers who help to make your day a success. Choose from all of the personalized promotional items that will leave a lasting reminder of each runner, walker or biker's achievements or the contributions of those who have helped you coordinate and execute your event.

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Custom Race, Walk & Marathon Giveaways

Racing events have become one of the biggest crazes as more and more people stride to get fit and develop a passionate hobby. For many, the goal is participating and finishing a full or half runners marathon, a long distance bicycle tour or enter a shorter running or walking race to promote an awareness or charity event.

After paying a fee and often raising money to support a charitable cause, participants who log in long strides or steps in their race events look forward to the swag they will receive both before the race and during their recovery time in the refreshment tent. Runners and walkers from shorter distance 5k races all the way to 26.2 mile marathons look forward to pre-race t-shirts, hats, sox and other apparel to show off their pride, while medals, trophies and sports bottles make excellent race completion rewards. The same applies for bicyclists, swimmers and any other athlete that competes in similar races.

And don't forget about the contributing staff and team of volunteers who help event directors and coordinators make the event go smoothly. From those who hand out water and awards to civic leaders, police and community leaders, everyone plays a part and deserves as much recognition as the race participants.

Need run and walk event promotional giveaway ideas? Give appreciation to volunteers and participants in a lasting and memorable way. Browse our selection of fitness-related appreciation gifts and promotions to make the planning of your event easy. Add your logo and custom appreciation message to these run and walk-themed gifts, many of which are available for under $3. Choose from pedometers, coolers, lapel pins, lanyards, sport bottles, t-shirts and more. At Health Promotions Now, there's a gift to please every volunteer and participant. Our Run & Walk Event Store has all the promotional essentials you need for your event: wristbands, water bottles, cooling bandanas, mobile device holders, sunglasses, pedometers, shoe laces, heart rate monitors, visors and so much more.