Child Abuse Prevention

Inform your community about the existence of child abuse and what can be done to prevent and stop it from happening. Choose from slogan printed and customized items that will help you spread the message in your schools, community centers and police departments.
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Tools To Help Promote The Prevention of Child Abuse

Since the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was enacted in 1974 and after April's Child Abuse Prevention Month became a recognized event in 1983, the issues of child abuse, mistreatment and neglect have come to the forefront. In 2019, with the higher level of new reporting through new media outlets, reports of worldwide child abuse has taken many by surprise. But abuse of children happens right here in our own country every minute of the day.

Promos On-Time offers a wide selection of educational tools and promotional giveaways to hand out in your community in schools, hospitals, fire stations, community centers and even the workplace. Choose from coloring & activity books, stickers, pinwheels and even personalized plush animals.