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Bring memories to life by holding a reunion for your school's graduating class. And create new memories by handing out unique imprinted keepsakes that can be brought home after the fun of the event ends.

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Mementos for Your School & Class Reunion
Some things are constant. We all go to school, and we all graduate and move on to jobs, family and new activities. Still, our memories and our foundation are built from our time in school. Be it elementary school, junior and senior high or college, we made friends and met mentors that helped shape our lives. So when 5, 10, 25 and even 50 years pass by, it is nice to relive some of those moments.

Class reunions provide a day, evenining and sometimes a weekend for folks to revisit their earlier lives and share their stories and successes in the years that have passed. Reunion organizers are charged with selecting venues, sending invitations and sharing information via social media, then choosing caterers, DJ's and entertainment. Once the event is celebrated, there must be something tangeable to take home. Reunion participants love getting mementos of their special event so they have something to remember until the next celebration.

Choose from a wide selection of gifts and souvenirs that can be personalized with your school's name and the year of graduation. Choose from t-shirts and sweat shirts, drinkware, bags and even items for beach and football game reunion parties.