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Recognize the department that makes sure everyone else gets paid on time and accurately. Hand out fun and useful gifts to let these dedicated accounting department professionals know they are appreciated.

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Pay it Forward to Payroll Staff With Appreciation Gifts

We all seem to be working towards our paycheck. From the kickoff of the week with Monday blues to the excitement of a Friday happy hour, the paycheck at the end of the week is something that makes it all worth it. With any luck, that paycheck is going to cover expenses plus a little more. And we all expect it to be accurate and reflective of the hours we put in. Payroll professionals work diligently to ensure that we are compensated according to our agreed rates, dedicating the proper amounts to taxes and investments along the way. Payroll Appreciation Week in September is a chance to recognize these staff members for their integral efforts.

Whether the recognition is in the form of a mug featuring the slogan "Serving With Pride, Accuracy & Commitment” or a custom slogan branding the organization and a sentiment of appreciation, payroll professionals will feel special. During a week of praise, management and coworkers can let payroll staff know that their efforts are appreciated and that they should continue their dedication.