Family Reunion Gifts & Souvenirs

Family reunions are a time to share old memories and create new ones. Make sure to hand out our personalized gifts that will serve as cherished keepsakes long after your outing, party or barbecue is over.

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Gifts That Make Your Family Reunion Memorable

Reunions are special for a number of reasons. Family reunions bring excitement, nostalgia and joy to all attendees. Making the event a memorable one is the task of the group organizer charged with planning. Location, lodging, activities, decorations, and favors all contribute to the success of the reunion. Custom printed gifts and favors, such as t-shirts, can coolers, and key chains provide a practical memento while fun giveaways such as beach balls and Frisbees can add to the activities that make up the event.

Reunion attendees can be invited to the event with a unique gift such as a mini beach ball that has been imprinted with the time and date. Each invitee can be greeted upon arrival with a custom printed reunion t-shirt that includes all the names as well as a reunion gift such as a tote bag or bottle opener key chain. These gifts will set the tone for the event, giving each guest a uniform tee shirt to represent their family.

Often revolving around a picnic or barbecue setting, reunions can be kicked up with creativity when the event planner takes the time to put together some unique food ideas. Beyond the hot dogs and hamburgers, reasonably priced catering dishes can carry a theme. From gourmet dishes to a particular cuisine, reunion attendees can receive a reunion giftthat carries the theme along with it. Custom labeled BBQ sauce and hot sauce, personalized aprons, and other food related gifts can create memorable and useful souvenirs from the reunion event.