No Smoking Reminders

The Great American Smokeout® - November 21, 2019

Teach children and teens about the dangers of smoking so they never start, and try to encourage existing smokers to quit the habit. Our anti-smoking giveaways are designed to raise awareness and a provide a call-to-action throughout businesses and organizations, schools, health care establishments and your entire community.
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Anti-Smoking Merchandise

According to the American Cancer Society®, over 34 million Americans still smoke cigarettes resulting in an estimated 480,000 deaths and over 16 million cases of related disease. Most recently, the damage from smoking or vaping e-cigarettes is coming to light with similar and new issues. The key to prevention and promoting the quitting of smoking relies heavily on repeated education. Awareness tools and handouts provide a great start to informing both children and adults on the dangers of smoking.

Promos On-Time offers a wide selection of anti-smoking promotional merchandise and educational giveaways. Choose from stickers and personalized coloring and activities books for children as well as "Don't Smoke" and "Don't Vape" buttons and imprinted information sliders and pocket guides.

Visit the American Cancer Society's® page for more information on The Great American Smokeout®.