Bicycle Safety

Promote bicycle safety among children and adults in your community by teaching proper driving techniques and how to avoid falls and accidents. Hand out coloring books and other reminders during Bicycle Safety Month held every May.

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Bike Safety for Kids & Adults

May is Bicycle Safety Month, a chance to educate both children and adults on the importance of bicycle safety rules and equipment. Most serious injuries and accidents that occur during bicycle rides are entirely preventable. From learning the rules of the road and how bicycle riders fit in with drivers and pedestrians to the critical importance of wearing helmets, Bicycle Safety Month can save lives and prevent injuries to both riders and those around them.

Bike safety is of great importance to children, who spend more time on bicycles than other age groups. As their main form of transportation, as well as a source of recreation, being sure that they are aware of safety rules and tips on how to stay safe can mean the difference between avoiding injury and serious issues. Information on how important it is to always wear a helmet, follow rules of the road and how to be aware of others on the road are all lessons that keep kids safe while biking. Reward students who participate in safety meetings with stickers and reminder gifts such as bike bottles and bicycle lights custom printed with safety slogans.