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National Election Day - November 5, 2019

Promotional products for presidential, state and local government elections. Promote voting in your community with fun handouts and giveaways Bring out the vote in your community.

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Election Day Giveaways

Election Day is an event that represents our rights and duties as Americans. Promotional items can be used to support campaigns of political candidates, to promote voter registration or to educate students. From buttons to candy bars, custom election items deliver a message of democracy and the power of voting.

Traditional election campaigns always feature a number of promotional items. Banners, fliers, custom buttons, pins and other custom printed items will carry the names of candidates as well as their political party affiliations. Decorating fundraiser events and town hall style speeches, political candidates, from local politicians to presidential hopefuls.

Educators can raise awareness of what elections mean to us as well as how to vote in classrooms throughout the country. Teaching students and in some cases parents about voting creates a culture of knowledge and empowers citizens to make a difference on Election Day. Voter registration drives can be promoted 'with custom election giveaways, raising the number of people who vote in all communities.