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Red Ribbon Week - October 23-31, 2019

This important week celebrates the nationwide commitment to raising drug awareness in our schools. By honoring the history of DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camerena's sacrifice, students wear red ribbons with drug free slogans and decorate classrooms, hallways and other common areas.

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Red Ribbon Week Merchandise

Diligent education of the dangers of drug abuse can be reinforced in schools with a yearly celebration of Red Ribbon Week. So, when is Red Ribbon Week you may ask? It runs from October 23rd through Halloween each year. The proximity to Halloween has inspired many activities that involve themes and slogans that students dress up and decorate for. This fun interaction is a great delivery method for the serious topic of staying drug free.

Kicking off the event with Red Ribbon Week assemblies, schools will lay out a week of daily activities and theme days. Depending on their resources, schools may choose only to have students wear a red ribbon, or may go all out and distribute other promotions that spreads the positive message of a drug free life. Classrooms can hold Red Ribbon Week poster decorating competitions, perform skits, classroom door decoration contests, as well as essay writing on the meaning of Red Ribbon Week.

Help students see that they have better things to do than drugs by making Red Ribbon Week a celebration in every school and community. A commitment to educating kids on how to just say no to drugs can create a foundation of knowledge that will increase the chances that they will make good decisions in life.