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Everyone remembers their school prom. It is the last full class gathering till.. well till their first reunion. Why not make it special with a personalized keepsake they will cherish forever.
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Prom Gifts & Giveaways

Proms are exciting for students, parents and administrators. Planning involves many aspects, including decisions for themes, decorations and of course, favors. Prom favors will live on after the event as mementos. Prom favors are kept as reminders of the good times and hard work of educational careers. Custom printing a special prom favor, planners will create a memory for a lifetime.

When schools are in the midst of holding or preparing for proms, safety is one of the biggest concerns. While educators and prom organizers may take steps to prevent accidents, underage drinking, illegal drugs and other prom related dangers, the reality is that the message must be brought to the students. getting students to sign on and understand the implications of risky behavior during the prom is the most effective way to increase safety during the spring events.

Pre prom meetings with students to review the dangers of drinking and driving, drug use and reckless behavior can open the minds of students, giving them the realities of what can happen as a result. An educational slide guide on safe driving, a pocket guide on STDs and personalized giveaways that can serve as prom safety reminders can be given out, carrying the message of the prom safety meeting beyond the classroom.