March Madness 2020 Promo Items

College basketball continues to grow in popularity and the March tournament offers an excellent opportunity to tie you marketing campaign to. Choose from basketball related promotional items and handout at parties, sales and office betting pools.

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March Madness College Basketball Promo Items

March Madness excitement is infectious. Watching the NCAA brackets progress is sports gold for fans and businesses alike. Fun, friendly tournaments held in offices and dormitories along with major media coverage make the event as exciting for the fans as it is for the players and schools. Businesses and organizations can leverage this excitement to inspire traffic and show appreciation for their customers, building business in the process. Giveaways such as basketball shaped key tags and foam hands can mark a March Madness sale for local businesses.

School spirit is taken to the next level during March Madness. Especially in college towns and large cities that host participating teams, fans and media outlets will cheer their teams on as they progress through the brackets. Showing team spirit at pep rallies, house parties and tailgating events, custom printed March Madness promos can create memorable souvenirs that will carry the excitement past the event.