Valentine’s Day Giveaways

Put your promotion where your heart is. Valentine's Day promotional products will give you an ideal opportunity to show your employees and customers how much you care. Let them know how much you 'love' their contribution to your success

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Custom Valentine’s Day Gifts For Staff, Students & Patients

A fun holiday of sentimental gifts and sweet treats, Valentines Day can be a great time to show appreciation to staff members in the office. Schools, hospitals, nursing homes and companies can hold Valentine's Day celebrations for their staff, students and patients. Keeping gifts simple and more recognition based, a variety of chocolate hearts and heart shaped promotional items can carry a message of appreciation to each recipient.

Nursing homes can show their residents a bit of special attention by having staff members be their "valentines.” Buttons or stickers that proclaim "We Love Our Residents” can be worn for the special day. Every resident can then be treated to a Valentines Day luncheon in a decorated environment that ensures that everyone will have a happy Valentine's Day.

Office activities for Valentines Day can start off with a sentiment of a chocolate heart left on each staff members desk before they come in. Greeted by this gift, each employee can be invited to a lunch or free coffee and donuts for their break. These staff celebrations go a long way to inspire and motivate, while giving management the opportunity to show appreciation for hard work.