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National Nutrition Month - March, 2019

Promote proper eating and nutritional habits for every one in your community. Choose from a wide array of positive promotions and educational handouts that will inform and motivate.

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Inspire Healthy Eating During National Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month in March is a chance for communities to reach out to the public and raise awareness of healthy eating and wellness. With the incidences of obesity and preventable diabetes as well as heart disease on the rise, we must be concerned with the diet of our nation. Events held during National Nutrition Month can educate communities on how to chance their eating habits and lifestyles and prevent obesity related health concerns. Fighting a juggernaut of marketing and advertising from the fast food industry, as well as stress related reliance upon quick and easy dinner solutions, nutritionists, dieticians and health care professionals must work hard to influence proper eating and nutrition habits.

By reaching out to schools, health care facilities and local groups, organizers can set up events during Nutrition Month to distribute information and tools to help raise healthy eating awareness. From pocket guides and slide guides that describe fast food dangers, information on the My Plate rules and other nutrition guidelines, to reminder giveaways such as lunch bags and sandwich containers, attendees can take away a selection of information and tools to help lead a healthier lifestyle. By eating right and including an exercise program, incidences of diabetes and heart issues can be reduced.