American Heart Month - February, 2020

While the topic of heart health is a year 'round discussion, American heart month in February is a time when the health industry brings this issue to the forefront by raising awareness of the disease and promoting staying fit through exercise and good nutrition.

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American Heart Month Promotional Reminders

February is a chance to reach out to communities and raise awareness of heart health. As American Heart Health Month, this event stresses the importance of good nutrition, exercise, stress management and other factors that influence heart health. Looking to target individuals in high risk groups, organizations can reach out to middle aged women and men, minority groups, overweight and those with genetic risk factors. Health care professionals, community leaders and volunteers can hold events to distribute educational materials and promotional awareness tools, urging testing and lifestyle changes.

Heart health initiatives for high risk segments have received a boost thanks to celebrity backed organizations such as Go Red For Women. Raising the awareness of women's heart health, Go Red inspires women to wear red dresses and red promotional giveaways such as pins, silicone bracelets and other items to symbolize their support for women's heart health awareness.

Starting with education, health care professionals and organizers can distribute information on the high risk behavior and influencing factors of heart disease. Guides that explain the influence of fast food, good nutrition exercise and stress management can help educate communities on how they can prevent heart disease. These lifestyle choice improvements can save people from continuing down a path that may lead to heart disease.