Customer Service Week Idea Guide

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At Promos On-Time, we have the best staff for customer service and we have themed weeks and activities. This is very possible even on a strict budget. The first thing you should consider when planning your Customer Service Week celebration is the theme. The entire event's tone is set by the theme that is chosen. It also serves as a very good guideline for every decision. The hardest part of this kind of activity is choosing a creative theme. We have thought through some themes and put together a guide on how to coordinate the activities to suit any budget.

For 2019, we have added new slogans including: Customer Service: "Excellence That Makes A Difference" and "Customer Service - An Attitude, Not Just a Department". Dozens of new product ideas feature these sentiments of appreciation with exlusive graphics designs.

The Transformation Customer Service Week Theme

This is the customer service week that is basically about giving gratitude to your employees. However, you can also use this week to appreciate the external customers. The transformation week can be a good idea for this year's Customer Service Week by making a difference to the community. Some of the activities you can choose to incorporate to this theme include;

  • Have your staff volunteer at the community's local soup kitchen, charitable organization or the food pantry.
  • You can start a Begin a Pay Forward campaign in that week within your company.
  • Have your employees do random acts of kindness and share their good experiences with the society through the intranet or the blog. Use tokens and see how far the tokens will get towards the end of the week.
  • Have a competition where people collect the clothes, canned goods and loose change. The daily updates can be sent to the entire organization about the current state of the challenge.

The Celebrity Customer Service Week Theme

You can use this week to give your employees the red carpet treatment that celebrities always get. You can start with replacing the usual carpets in the hallways with the red classy carpets. This will start the week in a great way; mainly because you address your customer service staff as stars throughout the week. It is the best way to boost their moral. Some of the activities you can incorporate to this theme include;

  • You can put together swag bags for every member of the customer service team.
  • Having your own creation of the Hall of fame with the employee's names with gold stars.
  • You should end the week by giving the members a memento so as to remember the week.
  • You can also host a trivia content on the last day of the Customer Service Week.

Loyal Customer Service Week Theme

You can always choose to celebrate this week using a Patriotic theme. Look for the loyalty lapel pins or any symbolic gesture to appreciate their loyalty. You can also encourage the superior managers to write a personal note to each recipient with mini note cards. Some of the activities you can include in this kind of theme include;

  • You can choose the colors of the flag and choose a day where everyone dresses in that color.
  • Also make sure you take a photo of all the employees in their patriotic colors and print many copies for each and every one of them.
  • You can also host a hand out awards ceremony for the most creative use of the color, the best presentation.
  • There has to be a little competition to bring the week to an exciting end. Ideas on the challenges can be building the American monument using the gum drops.

Touring the World Customer Service Week Theme

This is the best theme if you have the kind of staff that loves exploring in food. You can use this week to sample different things for the different parts of the world. This includes food, cultures, music and history from the different places they come from or have visited over the years.

  • For the different days you should virtually visit the different countries and eat food from that area, listen music from that country.
  • You can also choose to own a geographical bowl where the employees are quizzed on all the things about a certain area and award the winner with a prize.
  • You can use special paper and create fake passports for the employees and have them participate in the different activities to earn a stamp.

Low Cost Customer Service Week Theme

Most companies do not have much to spare for most of these activities. You can choose to send a personalized note to each employees. You can also organize for a lunch for the team members. Creating a gift for each member that is personalized also goes a long way for such a week.

Super Hero Customer Service Week Theme

The employees are always considered the daily heroes to your customer. You can focus the activities to all the super heroes admired and love by the current society.

  • You can have your staff dress like their favorite super hero.
  • You can treat the team members to a super hero ice cream.
  • You can also make available video games for the great super heroes and whoever wins get a gift.
  • Competition between different teams that represent super heroes is a good idea for this theme.