Fire Prevention Week Idea Guide

Fire prevention week is an exercise that is often conducted by the fire department as part of their winter fire awareness campaign. The initiative aims to encourage families to complete the online home fire safety audit as this will contribute in raising fire safety awareness and reduce incidences of residential fires which often come with injuries as winter months set in. This is a way families can use to save themselves from fires and also protect their homes from fires.

Some of the events that characterize the special week include;
?ÇóThe official launch of fire prevention week
?ÇóDisplaying of the firefighting equipment
?ÇóKitchen hot oil fire simulation
?ÇóKid fire show activities
?ÇóOffering of free show bags containing fire safety information.

During fire prevention week fire fighters always go out to homes spreading fire safety messages directly to communities and also making taking their time to attend various community meetings and events which are geared to reduce the risk of fires to people who are most vulnerable to fire disasters. Fire prevention week also encompasses things like visits to the fire house for elementary and pre-school fire safety field trips, information tables at community centers, and Fire Prevention Week is also celebrated by handing out fun and educational, promotional products and giveaways. Children can be taught about fire and safety through the use of fire safety coloring book tips.

Children also have the opportunity to be taught about Prevention Week topics like stop drop and roll,they are also taught not play with matches. The other topics that kids get to be taught during the fire Prevention week is about fire safety make coloring and activity books a great way to build a foundation of fire prevention. Following the Fire Safety Week lessons up with fun promotional giveaways like custom fire hats, fireman stress balls, and temporary tattoos featuring fire dogs and other fire related designs can reinforce the powerful messages.

Adults are also not left out either in the fire safety prevention week as Community organizers can hand out materials like the Fire Hazards and Escape Slide Guide and Pocket Guides, complete with a custom imprint of emergency contact information. These items serve to provide fire safety tips, what to do to prevent fires and what to do in case of a fire. A routine battery check on smoke detectors is also another topic that should be stressed during Fire Prevention Week and throughout the year. When fire department staffs are rewarded for the efforts in fire fighting and their calling to the community they get motivated in further to keep on helping the community with their work. The fire departments should involve schools together to create awareness about the dangers of fire and best to fight fires safely. The event should be conducted in such a way that firemen and all the fire department staff get to be given accolades as way of appreciating their duty of keeping the community safe from fires.

Fire they say is a good servant but a very bad master that is why it is important to educate communities about the dangers of being careless with fire at home, at work or any other place. Fire prevention week is usually observed in certain countries like in the USA and Canada it is observed during the special week from October 8-14. In America the President made the first proclamation of fire prevention week in 1925, the President then was Calvin Coolidge. Currently internationally a special body called the national fire protection association (NFPA) remains the sponsor of the week. The quest to educate the public about fire prevention has been a very active thing since the great Chicago fire. On October 12, 1957 NBC aired a television series called Fury for children the program starred Peter Graves and Bobby Diamond to help educate the children about fire prevention and safety and also about the dangers of forest fires.

In Canada, proclamation of the fire prevention week is usually done by the governor general with the Saturday ending the week being proclaimed as fire service recognition day as a way of showing appreciation to the fire service men. This is done to honor the men and women who serve the Canadian fire service for their efforts in serving and helping the community in times of fire disasters. Here in Canada, the first national fire prevention day proclamation was made on the year 1919 by the Governor-General.

The fire prevention week has a history spanning back in 1911 in Chicago City in which the oldest membership of NFPA was the first sponsor of National Fire Prevention Day which later turned to be what is called today as the fire prevention week. During this week the public is usually informed about the importance of fire prevention. The NFPA usually selects annual themes for fire prevention week

If communities are properly educated about ways to prevent fires then chances are that incidences of fire outbreaks especially those that are often witnessed during the winter months will be greatly be reduced. Children can also be included in this campaign by being taught about the dangers of fires and how fire disasters have caused great damage and loss of lives. Child plays can be initiated which are designed to help raise the children's awareness about fire safety. Families should also be taught on how to be prepared in case there is an incidence of a fire, what they should do to reduce fire dangers. Sites for children that teach children about fire and safety should also be developed to even further teach the young ones about the importance of fire prevention. All these are just examples of strategies that can be used to help educate families and consequently make them safer.

The best way to promote fire safety in your community is through awareness. Visits to schools and town centers along with open houses at your own fire station provide a wonderful opportunity to spread your fire safety and prevention message. Reinforcement items also go a long way in emphasizing important safety lessons for children and their families. Some of the most popular and cost effective takeaway Fire Safety Promotional Items include:
  • Coloring & Activities Books
  • Plastic Fire Safety Helmets with badges
  • Stickers
  • Informational Guides
  • Decorative items including balloons, posters and lollipops