Idea Guide: Hospital Week Employee Appreciation Event

The staff and employees at reputable US hospitals, such as Bells CS Hospital, have been known for marking this occasion with an exciting and creative new routine of activities every year since the hospital was set up. We've heard of everything from a physiotherapy department maze being set up to a Zumba competition, painting show, talent show, Wii bowling, bingo, and even a hospital version chat show in the theme of ‘Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?' Celebrating National Hospital Week in style, of course, is a duty of the healthcare staff and employees. This is the one week of the year when the tremendous sacrifices and care provided by each member of the health care team, from the surgeons and doctors to the nurses, allied health staff, and every member of the healthcare team is fully appreciated for their contributions to running the hospital successfully in the long run.

Now, the issue here is that, as a hospital manager or event organizer, you will find that coming up with the right ideas for celebrating National Hospital Week with a dash of excitement and fun in the workplace are not that easy to come up with. One year, there may have been the loss and death of key members of the hospital or even long-time patients. On another note, it may have been a year of joy and celebration where many new members joined the hospital and it may be flourishing in all aspects. Taking into consideration such situational happenings as well as the budget and resources at hand, you will need to come up with a perfect plan for celebrating National Hospital Week in your workplace. With the help of our ideas below, this may become easier!

Host a Hospital Week Monday Launch Event: So, Hospital Week comes soon after New Year has and will be around all week long. Hosting an anticipated ‘launch event' is just the way to add a bit of spunk and make it known to everyone in the hospital that it is actually Hospital Week. You want to increase awareness and excitement. The kick-off event can be small or big, depending on the number of people working at hospital and kind of budget you've got. One idea is to fill up goodie bags with small appreciation items, such as hospital logo-marked pens, key rings, mugs, and a note pad. You should definitely include an itinerary of the week's activities in celebration of hospital week that are due to be held in the coming days. That way they can keep themselves up to date and you will probably get a larger turnout at the events too. Most employees love goodie bags. In addition, if you really want it to be a hit, add in some cookies, candy, and other healthy snacks. This is almost always a hit with the employees.

Casual Wear Day ’ Bring out the Company Pride on Tuesday: What you can do on the second of the 5-day Hospital Week Celebrations is encourage the members of the workplace, nurses, doctors, and patients to attend work in casual clothes rather than their usual uniforms and professional suits. This could be a polo, hats, jeans, and t-shirts. Add to their company pride by providing custom-made t-shirts with the hospital's logo on it in your launch event goodie bags. This is one of those appreciation ideas for Hospital Week that are low budget. Also, your employees will really enjoy the opportunity to let losse and remain in their casual clothes for a day.
Host a Carnival Lunch for Your Hospital Employees: Why not get some BBQ, sausages, burgers, and corn dogs catered for the staff? All these can be served below a big top with desserts, ice cream, funnel cake, and even candy floss to accompany. Carnival games can transport these adult doctors, nurses, and hygienists back into their childhood, give them an opportunity to relax, and feel the spirit of what Hospital Week is all about ’ showin' your doctors some love! Coveted prizes like a $25 gift card or a bag of candy floss (cheaper!) can also be put up for the grabs to encourage participation.

Karaoke in Your Hospital Cafeteria: Interrupt the usual ho-hum atmosphere of your hospital's cafeteria. Add some life and excitement! Spice up your workers' lunch time with some indulgent karaoke. This can be organized by announcing on the hospital's PTA, choosing an exciting and lively employee to host the event, and even putting up some promotional flyers, if possible, in the lead up to the National Hospital Week Karaoke Contest. You can get affordable Essential Piece prize trophies to hand out as rewards to the best performers. Dimming down the lights and leaving out about half an hour to an hour for the contest so that they are able to fully enjoy it is also a good idea to encourage participation. Hearing your favorite nurses and doctors belting out bestselling tunes has got to be priceless ’ so make sure you've got some good video and camera equipment on the venue as well, just for memories' sake.

Hospital Staff Appreciation Awards: This can be held on the Friday of National Hospital Week, where the employees and staff are formally recognized for their contributions and personality as a worker. Every hospital and clinic has got these awards being held at some point of the year. However, marking the end to Hospital Week with the execution of this award will add some enthusiasm towards both amongst employees. Some of these doctors and nurses have been operating the hospital successfully and providing stellar services for several years, without much appreciation. Staff celebrating together within a hospital environment where you've got sick patients coming in all day is not something that happens to often. So, spice up the awards ceremony with something extra special this year. This could be the offer of silver-plated award plaques or even a small monetary token of appreciation to accompany. Even better would be to go out and shop for gifts that will be hand-wrapped for the employees. Show them some love! Recognition and honor to staff through award ceremonies are just the kind of thing that can re-instill motivation and dedication into your employees post Hospital Week.

With the help of the above ideas, you can definitely make National Hospital Week an event that doctors and nurses in your workplace will remember and cherish for the rest of the year. Make it even more special by ordering some of the company spirit promotional materials specialized for National Hospital Week from our wide and growing collection.