Medical Laboratory Week Idea Guide

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week has always been all about celebrating your research staff, medical scientists, nurses, and patients for their ongoing creativity, commitment, and hard work. This event can be applied and celebrated in a variety of places, including school clinics, nursing homes, research centers, doctors' clinics, universities, and hospitals of courses. Professionals in this field often dedicate a whole lifetime to discovering new treatments and compounds that may answer crucial scientific and human health questions to cure life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. It is actually important that we celebrate and appreciate our community scientists every day.

However, when an event like National Medical Lab Week comes along, it goes without saying that the appreciation should be outwardly displayed in a grander manner. As an employer, you can easily do this by offering your employees extra bonus wages, a day off from work, or a free group meal. We bring you some more creative ideas for promoting the spirit of this event in your med lab. Simple, affordable and practical merchandise, such as a company logo pen can go a long way in motivating your employees, when gifted on the right occasion and in the right way.

We are proud to offer an expanded line of slogans and gift ideas specifically designed for Medical Lab Professionals. Our popular "Results Are Our Business" is joined with a fun new "Heroes In Lab Coats" superheroe design. You'll find these graphics and others on lapel pins, electronics accessories, bag and drink ware items. These useful items will help evoke pride on a daily basis.

Enhance Your Employees' Commute - It is likely that not all employees in your medical research laboratory, offices, or medical clinic can bring their cars to work every day, particularly if your location is a city centre one. Commuting on the train can become hectic and tiring. An excellent way to appreciate your med lab employees' efforts and hard work during National Medical Lab Week may be to do something and try to improve how your nurses and research assistants commute to work. As they spend plenty of time going back and forth from home to their shifts, you could gift them with nifty little games or ornaments to occupy their time on the bus or train. For example, our range of Medical Lab Week employees' merchandise includes backpacks, lunch bags, portable coffee mugs, and even umbrellas that can be customized to your company's colors and logos. These gifts will keep your employees feeling motivated and appreciated, while still being useful to them, long after Medical Laboratory Week.

Introduce Awareness - A great way to build camaraderie and team spirit in the med lab is by making public announcements where appropriate. Things like a certain hard-working medical worker's birthday, anniversary, or maternity leave can all be shared and celebrated unanimously in the workplace, even if it is by sharing a small plate of snacks amongst team members during the lunch break. Events like Medical Laboratory Week are always made more special by using appropriate greetings cards and signage to applaud the occasion. This is often a good opportunity for families, patients, and co-workers to just reach out to the person, express their feelings for them and maybe even take a couple of hip photos to post on Facebook.

Hold a Baking or Cooking Soiree - If your research centre or med lab is like most of the ones in America today, you'll find that the med lab workers are a pretty laid back group. Of course, they've got deadlines and all that, but they also know how to have a good time, and when needed, show off their competitive spirits! So, holding a baking or cooking contest over the lunch break on a Friday may be a great idea, especially if you know that certain employees of yours are really good at baking. Everyone can bring in their finished products. After the judges finish tasting and proclaiming the winners, it can be mixed up to culminate as a potluck event - what fun! Your subordinates will be thrilled to be working at such a great company that really knows how to build up the National Medical Lab Week spirit. Senior and loved members of the office can be declared judges, and winners could be awarded simple gifts, such as a gift card to their favorite baking supplies store, for example.

Appreciate Your Volunteers & Students - Whether it's a pathology centre, medical research laboratory, and doctor's clinic, students and volunteers that are contributing their time and efforts for the well-being of their community need to particularly be appreciated during the Medical Laboratory Week. You can do this easily by inviting them to be part of a workplace video or gifting them customized calendars, t-shirts, caps, or mugs with the lab's slogan and campaign gracefully printed all over them. In this way, they feel like a real part of the team even if they will only be at the med lab for their summer vacation months, for example. Covering any excess expenses for travel and food that they may have to undertake simply in order to volunteer at the medical lab would also be a great gesture.

Of course, the above is by no means a comprehensive list of all the ways in which National Medical Lab Week spirit can be promoted and celebrated in your workplace. The main aim is to remind your researchers, nurses, patients, and assistants why they just love working in medical science! You could use a few of these ideas or ALL of them. If you're tight on budgets, you may also want to consider checking out our range of high-quality workplace activities and team building products with some funny and great slogans for Medical Laboratory Week. The bigger your production to mark this event, the more successful you are likely to be in increasing employee productivity, efficiency, and output.