• Marigold Seed Packs

Marigold Seed Packs

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Grow Your Brand with Marigold Seed Packs
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These personalized seed packs are not only eye-catching but also eco-friendly, making them a fantastic choice for businesses and organizations looking to make a positive impact.

Our Marigold Seed Packs are fully customized to showcase your unique logo or message, imprinted onto the environmentally-friendly sleeves that house these natural manufactured seeds. By choosing our seed packs for your promotional needs, you are not only contributing to the beauty of gardens, backyards, and sidewalks but also showing your commitment to a greener tomorrow.

The Classic Marigold plants that grow from these seeds are renowned for their stunning color and resilience, making them an ideal symbol for your brand's strength and vibrancy. Additionally, the seeds are easy to plant and care for, ensuring that your clients and customers can enjoy the delightful Marigolds with minimal effort.

With our Marigold Seed Packs, your business or organization will be remembered fondly every time the beautiful blooms catch the eye of those passing by. So, why wait? Choose our promotional, personalized, and customized Marigold Seed Packs for your next event and make a lasting impression that grows and flourishes just like the stunning Marigolds themselves.
  • Packets produced from recycled paper
  • Full color graphics on the front
  • Your imprint appears in full on back of pack
Product Details
Size3-1/4"w x 4-1/2"h
Imprint Area2-1/4"w x 3-1/4"h (on back of pack)
Imprint Colors1
Production Time7 Business Days
Imprint MethodScreen Printed

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Marigold Seed Packs Q&A

Do the Marigold Seed Packs come with planting instructions?
Yes, the Marigold Seed Packs include easy-to-follow planting instructions for your clients and customers.
What colors are available for the custom imprint on the back?
The custom imprint on the back of the seed pack can be done in full color to match your brand's design.
Are the seed packs made from eco-friendly materials?
Yes, the Marigold Seed Packs are made from recycled paper, making them an environmentally friendly choice.
Can I include my organization's logo on the seed packs?
Yes, our Marigold Seed Packs can be customized with your organization's logo or unique message.
Do the seed packs have an expiration date?
No, the Marigold Seed Packs do not have an expiration date, but it's best to plant the seeds within one to two years for optimal results.
Are the Marigold Seed Packs suitable for all regions?
Yes, the Marigold Seed Packs are suitable for planting in various climates and regions, as marigolds are known for their adaptability and resilience.
What type of packaging do the Marigold Seed Packs come in?
The seed packs come in environmentally friendly sleeves made from recycled paper with full-color graphics.
Are these seed packs a good choice for school events?
Yes, Marigold Seed Packs make a great promotional item for school events, as they help teach students about gardening and caring for the environment.
What makes Marigold plants ideal for promoting a brand?
Marigold plants are known for their stunning colors and resilience, symbolizing strength and vibrancy, making them an ideal representation of your brand's qualities.
How many seeds are in each pack?
Each Marigold Seed Pack contains a generous amount of seeds, ensuring multiple beautiful Marigold plants can be grown from each pack.

Grow Your Brand with Personalized Marigold Seed Packs

Make a lasting impression with our personalized Marigold Seed Packs, an environmentally-friendly and eye-catching promotional item that showcases your unique logo or message. Contribute to the beauty of gardens, backyards, and sidewalks while committing to a greener tomorrow.

The Classic Marigold plants from these seed packs are renowned for their stunning colors and resilience, symbolizing your brand's strength and vibrancy. They're easy to plant and care for, ensuring your clients and customers can enjoy their delightful blooms with minimal effort.

These promotional Marigold Seed Packs are perfect for making your business or organization memorable every time their beautiful flowers catch the eye of passersby. They're an excellent choice for events, offering a personalized touch and commitment to sustainability.

Our customized seed packs are produced from recycled paper, feature full-color graphics on the front, and your custom imprint in full on the back. Grow your brand recognition while promoting a healthier planet with these eco-friendly Marigold Seed Packs.

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