• Custom Printed Domino Box of Matches

Custom Printed Domino Box of Matches

ITEM: TR0488
Light Up Conversations with Personalized Domino Matchboxes
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These customized matchboxes serve as functional business cards, ensuring your company's presence remains memorable and useful in the minds of your clients, customers, and business partners.

Each Domino matchbox contains 16 high-quality wood matches, available with a choice of tip colors to complement your branding. The entire box is imprinted with your company's logo, message, or artwork in vibrant, full-color printing that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Not only do these customized matchboxes spark conversations, but they also provide a practical use for your clients, making them more likely to keep and use them. This ensures that your brand remains in their hands, and your message is reinforced every time a match is struck.

Whether you're looking to ignite interest in a new product or service, or simply want to reinforce your brand's identity, our imprinted Domino Box of Matches offers a unique and cost-effective promotional solution. Order your personalized matchboxes today and watch your brand's visibility catch fire.
Product Details
Size2-1/4"w x 1-1/8"h
Imprint Colors1-4 Process Color
Production Time20 Days or More
Imprint MethodScreen printed
Min Required Qty2500

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Custom Printed Domino Box of Matches Q&A

How many matches are in a custom Domino Box?
Each Custom Domino Box contains 16 high-quality wood matches.
When should I use a Custom Printed Matchbox?
Use these matchboxes as functional business cards, at promotional events or to reinforce your brand's identity.
Can I change the tip color of the matches?
Yes, you can select from a variety of tip colors to complement your branding.
What makes customized matchboxes unique?
Their practicality and full-color imprint ensures your brand stays memorable and visible to clients and partners.
How can Custom Printed Matchboxes enhance my promotional strategy?
By providing a useful and engaging marketing tool, your brand's message is reinforced each time a match is struck.
What type of printing is used on the matchboxes?
Vibrant, full-color printing is used to imprint your logo, message, or artwork onto the matchboxes.
Can I utilize these as business cards for my company?
Yes, these matchboxes can serve as functional business cards that offer a practical use to clients and partners.
Do these matchboxes work for product launches?
Absolutely, they can ignite interest in a new product or service and spark conversations among potential clients.
Are the matches made of high-quality wood?
Yes, each matchbox contains 16 high-quality wood matches.
Are Custom Printed Matchboxes cost-effective for marketing?
Yes, they offer a unique and budget-friendly promotional solution to increase your brand's visibility.

Custom Printed Domino Box of Matches: Enhance Your Brand Presence

Promote your brand in a practical and unique way with customized matchboxes, serving as functional business cards that leave a lasting impression on clients and partners. Each high-quality wood match provides a consistent and reliable flame, contributing to the memorability and usefulness of your brand.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your company's promotional materials with vibrant, full-color printing on personalized matchboxes. Coordinate the tip colors to complement your branding, ensuring maximum visibility and talking points whenever your matches are used.

Enhance your promotional strategy with the cost-effective solution that the Custom Printed Domino Box of Matches offers. By providing your clients with a practical and engaging tool, your brand's identity remains in their hands, reinforcing your message each time a match is struck.

Increase interest in your products and services using our branded matchboxes, perfect for sparking conversations and capturing the attention of potential clients. It's not just about spreading your message, but creating a unique promotional experience that keeps your brand in focus.

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