• Target Promotional Flyswatters

Target Promotional Flyswatters

ITEM: HH0176
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Our eye-catching bulls' eye design not only adds a touch of style but also ensures that you can effectively swat away those pesky flies, mosquitoes, and other bothersome flying insects. Enjoy the benefits of a bug-free space, whether you're indoors or outdoors.

What sets our flyswatters apart? You can personalize them with your choice of colors and designs, making them the perfect promotional item for your business or event. Showcase your brand by customizing these practical and unique flyswatters, and watch as your logo or message leaves a lasting impression on your clients or guests.

Our high-quality, imprinted flyswatters are designed to be durable, ensuring that they remain your go-to pest control solution for many bug-filled seasons to come. Don't miss out on this opportunity to promote your brand with a functional and customized product that will be appreciated by all.

Say goodbye to annoying flying insects and hello to a cleaner, more comfortable space with our Target Promotional Flyswatters. Order yours today and experience the difference a personalized touch can make.
  • Made of flexible Polyethylene
  • Punch-out on handle for easy hanging
  • Imprint appears on long handle
  • Made in the USA
Product Details
Size4-1/2"w x 16"h x 5/16"d
Imprint Area1/2"w x 5-1/2"h
Imprint Colors1
Production Time5 Business Days
Imprint MethodHot Stamped

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Target Promotional Flyswatters Q&A

Are these flyswatters customizable?
Yes, you can personalize them with colors, designs, and logos.
What material are these flyswatters made of?
They are made of flexible Polyethylene.
Can I use them both indoors and outdoors?
Yes, they're great for both indoor and outdoor use.
How do these flyswatters promote my brand?
Your brand's logo or message is imprinted on the handle for maximum visibility.
What makes these flyswatters unique?
Their eye-catching bulls' eye design and customizable features set them apart.
Are these flyswatters made in the USA?
Yes, they are proudly made in the USA.
Is there an easy way to store and hang these flyswatters?
Yes, there is a punch-out on the handle for easy hanging.
What types of insects can these flyswatters effectively eliminate?
They're great for swatting flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.
Can these flyswatters be used as a promotional item for events?
Yes, they make an ideal promotional item for businesses or events.
How durable are these flyswatters?
These high-quality flyswatters are designed to last for many bug-filled seasons.

Personalize Your Flyswatters and Keep Bugs at Bay

Customize your pest control solution with our target promotional flyswatters! An exclusive dual usage product, these flyswatters serve both as an effective bug elimination tool and a unique way to promote your brand or event. Made with high-quality flexible Polyethylene, these flyswatters are designed to last, ensuring that you remain bug-free for years to come.

Personalize your target promotional flyswatters with your choice of colors, designs or logos, and watch as your brand stands out. Showcase your company or event in a distinctive way with these practical, durable, and eye-catching design that leaves a lasting impression on your clients, guests, or users. Each flyswatter comes complete with a punch-out on the handle for easy hanging, guaranteeing prominent visibility and easy access.

Experience the difference that a personalized touch can make and say goodbye to annoying flying insects in your home or office. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, our target promotional flyswatters provide the ideal solution to maintain a clean and bug-free space, while boosting your brand's visibility. Order yours today and discover the benefits of this dual-purpose product!

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