Breast Cancer Awareness Idea Guide


There are so many great breast cancer awareness fundraising ideas. These ideas can be categorized and used in different settings. We have all kinds of ideas as well as tips for you regardless of whether the fundraising is with a club, school, community or office.

Fundraising in schools; with every passing year, schools have become very participative in fundraising and awareness of different issues especially supporting the Breast Cancer research. We have good ideas on how to carry out a fundraiser in your school.

You can use the Football Games that always happen in the fall. These games always draw in a big crowd and this is the chance for the family members, students and staff to share in team spirit. You can use these events to spread awareness as well as raise funds for the special cause. You can have the cheerleaders, team members and any staff that is working on the game put on a pink outfit or symbol for the Breast Cancer cause. This should get the whole crowd participative by buying the ribbon at $1 as a donation. You can also make pink towels available at a different price and motivate the crowd to donate by making purchases.

You can throw a Pink Homeroom party. You can have the students decorate the homerooms in as much pink as possible and assign a student in each and every room to donate for the cause. You can choose to offer Dog Tags so as to encourage your fellow students. It is also advisable to have a competition where the best decorated room used the bough decorations get a gift. You can be as creative a possible for this kind of theme.

Fundraising using runs and walks has become very popular. This works well when the whole community is involved and encouraged. You can sell T-shirts that people will wear during the run, water bottles and sweat bands. You sell these items prior to the event or just before the walk or run starts. The other factor that matters is publicizing the event. The more people know about the walk or the run, the better the outcome for the fundraiser. The best to go about it is use an organizations as the face of the activity; a well renowned company. You can also use the social media like Facebook and twitter to make the activity very popular.

You should make sure that you take all the orders first before you make your orders. After that you can set a date for people to come and collect their orders. This works best for a small town run or walk. You can also raise a lot money when you use support and memory ribbons. These hold a very sentimental value; use this approach. You can let people know that for a donation of $2 they can write the names of those they love on a ribbon. These ribbons are pinned on the shirts while people run or walk. You can also sell the ribbons to people who do not come for the run but they wish to be supportive to the cause.

The other way to go about it is using the college campus fundraising. You can use Zumba while in campus or university to fundraising. You can hold Zumba classes where students pay a certain fee to attend. This is a fun as well as encouraging physical activity that can be very attractive to a group of college students. You can look for a local health centre or gym and talk to one of the instructors who offer Zumba classes. Their time should be a donation so that you do not incur any costs. The next step once the instructors agree, is sending emails and posting flyers. You should make sure these are well circulated to attract a bigger crowd. The flyers should have the time, the charges and the days the Zumba classes or sessions will take place. The charges should be the donations that the students make to the cause. Make sure you are grateful by giving out goody bags to the participants. The goody bags should have a thank you note and some educational information about breast cancer. If you can also include the coupons to the health centre or the gym.

You can ‘Organize a Walk for a Cure’; if the weather is conducive you can take advantage. You can do this by mapping up a 4 to 5 mile walk around the university. This kind of a fundraiser is perfect for organizations and companies where they walk around the building or the block. You should decorate the path with pink balloons as well as ribbons. This helps keep the group on the right path and together with the right momentum. You can get your donations from the registration fee. Depending on the charges, you can hand out registration gifts for example the ribbons. You can also sell water bottles, T-shirts with breast cancer awareness messages. You can encourage the crowd to wear creative gear by offering small gifts to the winners. At the end of the walk, you can organize for a celebration. Make use of every idea that comes to your mind to make the event memorable so that they will participate the next time. You can always have small gifts for the participants especially those who finish, first, second and third.

The last approach is the Bucket Fundraising Kit which can be used by any age group and any forum. The fundraiser bucket can be passed around in class for elementary school, in campus or the office. The way it works is you can reach in for a prize if you make a certain donation. For example anything above $5, you are offered a gift. You can choose to sell the gifts at very different prizes. Depending on the venue, then you can decide how much you want to sell the gifts. However, always make you do not incur costs because your aim is to raise funds.